Argentina. Why this setting?

“Buenos Aries: Claim for the torching of a federal car.” Click to see the article that first caught me eye.

Out of all the countries in the world, why start with Argentina? In fact, why even start your very first book in another country? This goes against one of the golden rules of fiction writing: “Start with what you know?”

True, I could have written my first novel with just a Latino/a protagonist walking about in the San Francisco Bay Area (and I intend to do so later on). In a simple answer, my family has a clear heritage from South America and I would like to write my stories with settings primarily in the continent. The long answer is this: Argentina is a peculiar country in South America. This country is one of two, along with Uruguay, that is almost entirely of European descent. It is a nation known for its supposed European-inspired elegance, economics, and understanding of the world. In their minds the indigenous natives; the concept of life beyond the encroaching ranches, beyond the glimmering cities; the desire to revert back to the primal, the liberating emptiness from Patagonia, is inconceivable.

What better group to disrupt the shining Buenos Aires than the savages for revenge, based on a real group that intends to drive the metropolis into questioning the urban thought of constant growth. Telling everyone to just stop and enjoy the wind. How much further can we go before violence is inevitable? Are the cities and the obsessions of money and technology worth pursuing? That is for my foolish protagonist to answer.




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