I’m nearing the end of my first revision, only the first of many might I add. I’m feeling a little more confident in my work. I have heard of the impenetrable fear many new artists face: fear that after all that hard work, it may just come down to nothing. No one will see it, let alone give it good reviews.

As I mentioned before, I’m (somewhat) past that now. There will always be that fear of my work not being good enough to hit the shelves. It’s better to not let it devour your head. Just take the dive and see what happens.

In addition, I would also like to announce that I will do occasional book and art reviews featuring various artists and authors that capture my interest.

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2 thoughts on “Meanwhile…

  1. Hello! I’m in revision mode, also. Fear and confidence in this stage make for a complex melange, but I think I was more afraid that the effort was ultimately for naught while writing the first draft. Now, I feel like it’s two steps back for every step forward. Editing is a completely different process, and I find it requires a lot of notes and planning to make sure I deal with every loose end I identify (or create as I go along).


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