Call It Sleep – A documentary so good it must be mandatory.

In this short documentary, the narrator addresses the four elements of modern civilization today:  The spectacle, Bolshevism, The Cadre, and The New Revolt. These ideals have shaped society down to the individual and the daily activities he or she is involved in. In essence, there has never been real attempt at real change. Only a revolving door of power in different masks and methods of play.

  1. The Spectacle: Life in the modern world is the life in the spectacle. It is the primary tool of power, since having the largest army is hardly relevant anymore. The spectacle paints the mind of the spectator without the need for bloodshed, or violence, or brute force. Instead, his or her daily life will be composed of reactions and feelings generated from only watching the world in chaos. It also presents the impossible goals and ideals that keeps the spectator running on the paths already paved for him. Something to hope for or to aspire, whether for the world or for the individual. It presents problems and solutions that may have never, nor will, ever exist.
  2. Bolshevism: Using politics and symbolic figures to attain revolutionary change in a single movement (which might as well be like catching smoke in one’s hands). However, just as in 1914, people now are already tired of the constantly reforming liberal democracy that has failed them countless times. Yet instead of a single wave like an unrestrained anemic tiger, Bolshevism is being merged inside liberal democracy, thereby including mostly the moderate elements. Revolution is now a spectacle. No one is truly 100% willing to make the deadly sacrifices as their forefathers have done before. Just an impossible dream with millions of passionate minds swimming towards a black hole. The few remnants of bolshevism are hardly within the communist field, but those few are making their acts noticeable (a new spectacle for people to fear) in acts of terrorism. Sadly, these acts are terrorism are inherently counterrevolutionary, creating complete disorder and alienation from the masses they try to appeal.
  3. The Cadre: The mediocrity. The wealthy social classes who carry liberating thoughts and ideals, but fail to make any physical actions due to fear of loss of material and status. Take note that many of the prominent liberal “activists” are millionaires, celebrities, dishonest philanthropists, and people who simply want to become part of the spectacle the millions aspire towards. The cadre want to be compensated for their actions just as any worker for his labor. The cadre hates what they consume. They loathe the world they live in, but enjoy the theatres, the restaurants, and the cartoons made by the immortal industries. He might find the world completely barbaric, but he seeks reforms and therapies. The cadre may make some trade unions or activists, but they will not give up the securities of this world.
  4. The New Revolt: The genuinely oppressed are bombarded with the spectacles showing them how they are similar in privilege and wealth as the cadre, but also in the differences. Time will burden them. They will grow tired of the differences and the misery they live under until their breaking point. They will one day no longer accept the spectacle or accept a peaceful dialogue with power. They know that dialogue will lead to fruitless compromise.

I’m ashamed that I am enjoying my life as among the cadre. Or rather I should say loathing it. Thousands of thoughts of ideas only to exist in the form of fictional stories, some disgruntled poems that might never see the light of day, or some rants such as this one that will be seen only by a handful of viewers from far away countries. Perhaps there are a few individuals who are already planning the escape from the spectacle, from the pointless cycle of the Bolshevik. I hope to be among them, but as of now I have things to do and things to pay for. So this will make do for me.


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