Third Act Errors

I reached my the climax of my story, the final epic moment that supposedly accumulates all the tension and drama built from the very beginning. Suffice to say that as of now, my climax needs great improvements. When I first wrote this, as with the rest of my first draft. I initially wanted a classic thriller that leads to a magnificent action scene with explosions and violence that would even make Michael Bay blush. As I looked deeper into my first draft during my revision, I realized that I did not want to write a mere thriller (not that there is anything inherently wrong with a thriller. Tom Clancy is the master at this). I don’t want my story to end as a common thriller. I want the violence portrayed in this novel as well as the rest of my novels to be remembered for being visceral and full of detail. My stories will focus on the societal and mental troubles of my protagonists and how they react to such dilemmas.

I apologize for any recent delays. I am just starting, but I still aim to post as much as I can and grow my audience.



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