It is no surprise that life consists of unexpected events: some pleasant and some so disastrous that dire consequences are inevitable. Some even argue that history is full of coincidences and dumb accidents that cause that deaths of millions. How about civilization itself? Did the first farmer or the first steel forager truly intend on their revolutionary ideals, I doubt so. Rather, I think they just dropped some seeds in the dirt and bent some hot metal on accident, and everyone else just decided to go along with the trend. Albert Einstein had not expected his mathematics and groundbreaking physics theories to be used for nuclear warfare (he even condemned such effort while he was still alive). That art professor who rejected Adolf Hitler from art school could not have possible known the outcomes of his hasty decision.

What if the early hominids saw their descendants ravaging their habitats of their resources. Many aristocratic individuals like to boast that their “ancestors would be proud” of their accomplishments. I’d like to see a  Neanderthal or a Homo Erectus react to their gluttonous, arrogant grandchildren who would rather wear a five hundred dollar pair of shoes that intentionally look bad over a fresh mango that beckons to be eaten.

In that sense, I hope cloning does work.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow..

After some delays I, I have finally found some time to write this post. Hopefully none more should come again soon.

In the meantime, here is some content from War On Society, a blog I will get more into later as this blog develops over time. Like many more in the future, this passage is a piece from one of several dozen communiques of a group known only as the Individuals Towards the Savage. This group is a sparsely reported group active in America and Europe aiming towards dismantling the modern technology-obsessed civilization we live in. As with the rest of my upcoming books, I hope to enlighten my readers more about this group, other groups, lesser known individuals that have played important roles in history and are engaging in their own battles at this very moment.

From War On Society:

We are curare arrows of the ancients against their prey and enemies. We are the bonfire’s flame that warms when it is cold. We are the pagan dances and cries in the name of everything unknown. We are the snow on the mountaintops. We are the virgin soil, free of civilization. We are the lava flowing from the volcano. We are the warning calls of the birds.

We are the quiet of the wolf stalking its prey. We are the strength of the ants. We are the wave that wipes cities from face of the Earth. We are the killer earthquake that brings down buildings. We are the wind become hurricane. WE ARE UNKNOWN WILD NATURE!

We came out of our hiding place, like the rabbit comes out of its hole in the darkness and silence of night. This time we came out in plain daylight.

We frolic in the mountains, rivers, and meadows. But we wander in the city in search of its defects and imperfections, seeking all that is of civilization and human progress. We know its times, its hours and moments, the daily grind of civilization hides us.

This is a Declaration of War.

War against the Technological system, science, and the modern hyper-civilized man. We detest and spit on all of that. We cling to our most primitive and wild instincts: instincts which all of the civilization and technology in the world could never erase from our being.



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