How Far…

Marina Abramovic is legendary for her performance arts exhibits where her body and her kinetic movements become the subjects of her art work. This video and article by the Guardian summarizes and displays Marina’s most infamous art. 

In a gallery in Italy, Marina stands silently in front of a huge crowd along with a table full of instruments (some harmless and some deadly) ans instructed the viewers to do as they wish with her body. 72 hous later, she was moved, forced to assume impossible positions, sexually assualted, and nearly beaten by the everyday people in society. In Marina’s own words, “I thought I was going to a die.” Keep in mind that this violence and brutality came from the ordinary people, not the soldiers, not dangerous spirits, not people in power. Just the average man and woman. In Marina’s state of complete vulnerability, there is no sense of equality or decency. The triumphs of feminism is nowhere to be seen, for women have also taken part of this cruelty. It appears that this evil is internal, or our inherent sin. Humans have long showed capabilites in evil in cruelty in many forms with all sorts of justifications, but pleasure seems to be the one motivation that the masses don’t like to admit. It it not surpursing then as to why people enjoy the humiliation of celebrities in the comfort of their sofas. We build thin shells of strength to withstand the daily cruelties so as to not end up at Marina: battered, raped, degraded, humiliated. 

Was this perhaps a warning about our rotting civilization? Withering morals as they become more shallow and superficial in each generation who becomes reliant on machines for interaction. 


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