There Was No Remedy. Francisco Goya

The call from God damned us thousands. We are cursed. Our existence is merely to die in the hands of Ferdinand, Isabelle, and their faithfuls. Some of us renounced. Others left for the colonies. The rest of us stayed behind and became pigs. In their eyes, we are demons against their civilization. Against their righteous greed and murder. All for a ceramic man on a wooden cross. Even those of us who called for Jesus, we obeyed the law they said, were revoked the right to live. We spread among islands and continents where we can only wait to die with the Indians.

If they say I am responsible for the Messiah’s death, then I will one day scare the world again. I will remain the bearded monster they despise. Only until God returns to heaven and stays there forever. I will wait for my world to rely on the truth of vengeance instead of highly desputible holy decree.

*Marrano: (literally “pig” in Spanish) the name used for the jews practiced their religion in secret during the Inquisition in Iberia.


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