Tribe: The White Man Who Became an Indian.

Take a man from Sao Paulo. He studied and worked hard like the billions of lost bodies on planet earth. He did well and voiding the temptations of the favelas and the prostitutes. No bastard children born yet. A loving family thay has not been gunned down for petty materialism. Sheer luck. Take that lucky man and give him an education, most likely in a state univeristy. If he’d been born in America or Germany, he would have been more lucky. He gets a Brazilian education, it will get as good ass it gets. Maybe one or two internships and some foreign trips later, he is ready as he will get. Now he explores the amazon. Lucky bastard. A journey millions will die for and have already died for. One missed turn up the wrong river, he is in the land of the natives, maybe one as unknown as his judgement. The Indians stab and carve the lucky brazilian, and he sees how unlucky he was. Poor civilized fool! He can’t fight, hunt, or think, especially not if he life depens on it. He apologized for the Spanish, the Portuguese, and the machines that already infected him. He grows the hair and became a pale beast for his own good. Who care about time? That is an invention to kill us. He unlearns until he is the smartest of all. He unlearns until he cares the for the wild enough to skin and maim each foolish explorer. 


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