Death with Disease

Disease. Pestilence. One of the most famous kinds of tragedies to happen to mankind. What makes some microscopic bugs and germs so feared and we’ll known across the globe? Is it the millions of deaths these small animals cause? Is it that they are invisible too our eyes, like the touch of a demonic spirit? Is it that they have the capacity to eliminate all life, including humans and animals? There are inumerable aspects and theories as to why plagues and disease bring such terror.

The most famous of these diseases is, of course, the Plague — a bacteria that had first emerged in the Byzantine Empire and is still persisting into the present day. The flea-borne bacteria wiped out more than a third of Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia respectively. Countless novels and stories such as The Betrothed by Alessandro Mazoni describes the horrific scenes and the dying masses beautifully. 

The Plague, Ebola, Influenza, Small Pox, and now the Zika virus afflicting Brazil and the rest of South America force their victims to become in close proximity to death. Loved ones become infected, and you have to carry them with you to save them…or kill them. Who knows, that infected person might kill you or share his or her disease with you out of a misplaced sense of longing. 

The Zika virus is Isa peculiar case. This disease does not necessarily leave a bloody pathway as its infamous predecessors, but the Zika damages the inafnt, the cherished son or daughter before they even have as chance to live as chance normal life. A mother gives her entire being to be frightened by the shrunken head if her baby. Medical finances, public taunt, harassment, and the very eyes of the afflicted baby will send stress and nightmares for years to come. On top of it all, the mother will still use all her power to love and care for her baby. She will endure years of torture for love. 

Disease and plague are subjects I hope to tackle in my future stories. Some horrific, and maybe some emotional. 

Featured art by @sauvage_artwork (instagram).


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