Hell: A Blessing We See

Little Antonio asks his grandfather,

“Why do I exist?”

“Because God hates you, son?”

“Why does he hate me?”

“I don’t know.”

“But don’t we worship him? I make my prayers and we behave good to others.”

“That’s good, son.”

“But does that mean God still hate us?”


“I don’t understand?”

“Because in some weird way, everybody hates everyone, and as the bible says we come from his image.”

“I don’t hate anyone!”

“Sadly you will as you grow.”

“I won’t!”

“Yes you will. It’s a tragedy we all face.”

“So, who do you hate?”

“I hate Hanz. That bastard who forced us to come to this hell hole.”

“Don’t you like Argentina?”

“No. Sure it has nice weather, beautiful women–”

“Like mama?”

“Yes. Like your mother. But I see a little bit of Hanz in everyone. Even the homeless can turn from a begged into into a murderer for a few pennies.”

“So why do we give to them.”

“Because they need it, son.”

“And you heal and help these people you hate?”

“Every single day.”

Some pigeons land. Antonio feeds them some of his popcorn.

“Why do you feed them?” Grandfather asks.

“They’re cute. I like birds.”

“They might shit on you. It’s their instinct to shit on you.”

“Do people shit on me too?”

“Yes son. Yes they do. I won’t though.”

“So of we all end up killing and hurting each other, then why did God create us?”

“I think it’s all part of his joke. My what a joke it is.”

“What is the joke?”

“There is none. No punchline to satisfy our efforts. I think that is the joke.”


It was the most honest answer Antonio will receive. He never asked his grandfather for any advice ever again.


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