A Queen of Destiny

What does she want?

Born amidst war, in the Pyrenees.

Born into the cold touch of gold, silver

and the failing hand of her mother.

A child progeny trained by intellects 

who wanted to quit.

She waned to leave. To abdicate.

To Die.

Too many peasants quarreling.

Too much banter and tiresome

gore and responsibility 

with only half her assigned brain.

The other half, dangerously empty

with curiosity and innocence

unaltered by her father’s needless 

politics that kills.

The open woods is the only evidence

of a peaceful heaven. 

The woman, the finalized queen.

Ready to take on the European powers

With the traditional shield of 

Catholicism has failed.

It breaks.

Her brain shatters into hundreds,

thousands of pieces

contained only

Inside stone walls.

Far away from her forest. 


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