Trapped: by (blank) Leon

There’s hundreds of little bunnies and sweet puppies in there. Or so I’ve heard. What I’m certain of is the thousands of needles, tubes, vials, viruses, chemicals, and all other sorts of disgusting tools tucked in so neatly with them, almost like teddy bears. The cause for medicine and the dean insist that it is meant to happen. As if a puppy will volunteer himself to endure experimentation to help some non-deserving addict who willingly stabs himself a hundred times a day.

I’m looking at it right now. The dungeon. All those white coat freaks walking so proudly as if they discovered the cure for cancer. Why don’t they just go to a MC Donalds to experiment with cancer?

I’m in! Some few shards of glass in my arm. Fuck, it hurts! I’m happy though. There’s no crowd of people shouting in my ear. No wailing from people covered in red paint. Just me and the quiet hallways. I hope I’ll be back by 2AM. I still need to pass that history test. 

Fuck! Some more glass shards in my arm, but that’s not the most painful part. Right now, at this very moment, I have stepped into the chamber that the hellraisers would be jelous of. Goddamm it, people. Please, just stop! Just stop for five minutes, and let us breathe!

Sorry, I lost myself for a minute, I brought a brought a couple of cardboard boxes. Still not enough. It will never be enough. 

Four puppies per box. At least I managed to save eight. I’m sorry that I must leave the rest. I promise I’ll be back. I don’t know if I can keep doing this.

He’s running! A white coat! I dropped boxes. I hope they’re safe.

He’s corned inside a room. A research room filled with pictures of bodies split open and held down. Dozens of victims forever frammed in their deaths. I’ll lock the doors so he can’t come out. 

I asked him why. Why this? Why that? He wouldn’t answer. Obviously he is scared. So am I.

He reached for my gun. I had to. Damn! I know I wasn’t supposed to. I’m no hero. Not to some people anyways. At least the puppies are okay. I’ll run. I have to. 

I gathered as much of the puppies as I could. Six. I couldn’t find the other two in time. Shit. I have to come back. I won’t bring my gun next time, but I can’t make any promises. I only make promises to those puppies.

Until next time…



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