Triad of the Dissatisfied (part 2)


Escaped the confines of civilization, slavery, into the poisonous hugs of the surrounding jungle. 

A maroon.

Part former slave fighting to resist the developments from their former masters. Tribal minds and bodies thrive here. Proof that anyone can survive the escape of slavery.


Surrounded by prisons and politics that are as important as the rivers and the corpses and piranhas that inhabit them. A lone island inside of a shrinking sea.

A maroon

The last tribal force in Guiana and suriname before demonstrating to France the fuitlessness of their efforts overseas. Stop it before it grows too powerful. Kick it down here where they know little of the land. 


Miners and their grotesque managers sink their plated teeth into the French corner of South America. The sacrifices will be neccessary, no, mandatory for the miners to full comprehensive the effects of the miners.


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