Lovers of Militaristic Lust

Alfredo Stroessener. The man swooned her with fingers that gripped her bare ass harder than he gripped the priests who prayed to God instead of him.

Margaret Thatcher. The woman delighted him with eyes that turned communists to stone and moaned for him “MI6.”

He licked around her abdomen, between her cheeks, and on top of her slit. He left spit infused with his cocaine.

She danced with and kissed Russian ballerinas before ripping their tongues to feed the poor Paraguayans.

One anniversary party hosted by the grand host Regan who sucked the main man, Mengele.

The last anniversary, they kissed and laid on top of each other naked. eating the fears and bitter blood fall, drip inside orifices.

Goodnight to the Cold couple.


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