The most efficient self-imposed torture

Waiting for

a light to appear from the darkness

a hero to slay an endless onslaught of demons

a woman to rescue a man from deadly lust

a decision that kills billions

a vaccine to cure all the world’s pestilence

a death to silence the agony




Here is a very interesting poem I recently came across while scourging the infinite depths of the web. It is found on a website called antisocialevolution (click to see more content by this site). I’m not sure if this site is still being regularly updates, but it is definitely fascinating to check out.


I hate every human.
I see through the common animals.
The one that eats what they serve it.
Shaking its hand like the old man drowned in prejudice of the hoi polloi cultural prisons.
Never to be able to grasp the world outside the Christian morality.
This is the animal that the societies of conservative deadhouses created and tamed.
I hate every human.
The progressive types entangled in the eternal panchreston for a freedom that emanates from the mind.
Never existed, never will.
The perpetuators of religious ethics.
Children of the human.
I detest the modern materialists, these pretentious bags of shit, twofaced hollow zombies of the consumer society.
I loathe the idealists, the moronic imbeciles of conscience that can’t grasp the world for what it is.
I jab a knife in the heart of all collective thinking and acting!
I hate you all bastards!
Do you hear me you fuckin cadavers?
All dreams are dead, because this is what they deserve. Everything must perish!
My alienation is total! Nothing will stand if I can destroy it!
I only search for ways to hurt you and destroy your existence.
I breathe acerbic contempt and undiluted hatred.
All my life I have been surrounded by these fools who would aspire to rip my flesh if I didn’t hide my real intentions and thoughts of the beyond.
Two-legged biological evolution of the sheep!
A new breed for slaughter, the definition of enslavement and contamination.
But most of all I hate the human consciousness.
Which lashes at me to enter the gate of the metaphysical.
Which transforms me into a crippled organism possessed by the search for essence.
I hate all humans!
Overvalued animals, a mistake of nature.

Friends of the Earth

Benevolent jesters

must taunt and tip over nuclear plants with flower petals and dynamite.

Gilded wives must divorce their stagnant mannequins

and remove their shinning coats to allow the rotting earth to fertilize their skins.

Bastard kings must learn to sink their fingers inside blood and soil to become

their own rulers of a peaceful earth.

Whores must find love

away from men infected with God complexes and marry cavemen.

We, a disgusting race must appreciate limitations

love death and honor the poisons we are born into

not the poisons we create.




Where Am I?


My poetry collection is now in fruition thanks to the help and collaboration of several wonderful artists I met on Instagram. With the current progress, I hope that it will be ready for the public to enjoy by late December of this year. My novel is also in good pace as long as I commit to my daily word count of at least 500. My art is also going along well and I will be posting another set of my Egoists on my Instagram account soon. With all of this going, I will still do my best to make regular posts here on my blog, starting with the first of my newest poetry tomorrow. In my anticipation, my first poetry zine certainly won’t be the last. I want to thank all of you again for staying with me in my journey to become an all around creative and of course a successful writer.

Once my first zine is finished, I will choose 5 lucky followers on my blog, Instagram, and Facebook accounts for free copies with exclusive signed artwork by yours truly!

Share this news with everyone and anyone else who would enjoy some dark, demented poetry and art!

Response to An Anti-civ.

Last night, I have just finished reading Of Indiscriminate Attacks and Wild Reactions, by an author referring to himself as ‘an anti-civ’. I have mentioned here before about my fascination with the ITS and other nihilist groups, which has cumulated to me including their likeness into many of my characters of my poems and stories. I’m not sure if the author is reading this entry. If he is, I must admit first and foremost that only a few short years ago, I described my beliefs close to that of many social anarchists, and I still hold onto dearly many of those ideals: lifting the oppression of the indigenous, the poor, women, queer people, etc. However, recently I started to find the legitimacy of the social anarchists and activists questionable. They did their marches, protests, and even some cool riots here and there, but so far nothing has happened. What is more disturbing to me is that many of these movements have now become mainstream, and worse yet, corporatized. ANTIFA is a new label that appears to be “government approved rebels.” They do their fights with the alt-right and then go home. Despite their skirmishes, the battle never seems to get anywhere, if not into the hands of police and media bait. From this, I began to read and research from the likes of Nietzsche, Albert Camus, and yes the communiques of the ITS. By now, if I was forced to label myself, I would call myself an individualist anarchist with green tendencies and pro-nature with a tint of social and liberalism.

One of the bigger criticisms the author has against of the ITS and their affiliates is their hypocrisy when it comes to their amoral stance. In the text, the author refers to the group as “a Maoist cadre/religious cult painted green with some ham-fisted Nietzschean elitism sprinkled on top” (p21).  Throughout the book, the author makes numerous claims that the ITS immediately outcasts and scowls at those who don’t follow their ideology. Quick YouTube search of “SJW fails” or “ANTIFA fails” will show the left, and even the left anarchist branches, are getting a more authoritarian stance. The common person, whatever race or gender, is often called a racist, misogynist, homophobe, transphobe, and everything else-phobe if he or she asks any question or wishes to enter a debate. Whether we wish to admit to it or not, the millennial left are nowhere near as brave or engaging as those of the past centuries. They (a bit of myself included) have become infantilized, and we are infantilizing others as they join movements. We all know that rallies, organized protests with government permission, boycotts, voting (there’s a Goddamn Anarchists for Bernie Sanders page on Facebook!) don’t work one bit. Never has. Never will. Whatever change we see is only to shut us up for the time being. The trees won’t stop being cut down if there’s a legislation, oceans won’t stop being overfished or bleached with a dozen or so participating in a boycott against Chicken of the Sea, Israel and Palestine will keep shooting each other. Animal liberation Front, and even Earth liberation front have achieved more results that almost every other social movement that has existed in the developed world. As far as I know they are the only anti-civ movement making any concreate action at all, even if it is despicable.

Yes, the ITS and their nihilist buddies are despicable, gross, violent, repulsive, heathen, perhaps even living nightmares. Yet, isn’t that what makes them effective attackers of society? We all know we’re living in a spectacle. This spectacle requires beauty, mathematic perfection, plans, mechanization, it wants to get rid of everything natural. People are already giving up and making up plans to colonize the universe. While I do agree that colonization, racism, and oppression of women within patriarchal societies are important issues within our human world, the focus of the ITS is misanthropic, chaotic, and by pro-wild nature above all else. It would seem to me that anything social or solidarity related is beyond their care, so far as to even praise the ISIS attacks on Barcelona and the bombings of Ted Kaczynski in a somewhat childish way like “this is what you get society.” The ITS claim to the murder of a Mexican woman activist in the UNAM university seems to me more like (whether they actually did it or not) just trolling or picking at the left’s devotion to ending female oppression. After all, most famous of the ITS attacks throughout Latin America are letter bombs to car lots and technology centers. Even though the author makes numerous cases that the ITS are a hyper-male, proto-fascist reaction against the civilized world, I believe that either there are already some female anti-civ nihilists wandering around the Andes or Amazon in South America, or there will be in due time.

The ITS is a group that has captured my fascination. Even though they are a deplorable group, their rage against nanotechnology makes a whole lot of sense. Are we just too used to protests, civil disobedience, and political correctness to see in their crooked eyes?


Twenty-Sixth Communique of the ITS

“All of their symbols will fall. Their prayers, their idols, they will fall, for the imminent catastrophe of civilization, by the revenge in the name of our ancestors, and in the name of all the wild that inhabits and has inhabited the earth. No prayer will save them from the attack undertaken by animist heretics.”



Read the rest of the communique HERE

Poetry Collection Progress

While I am still working on my first novel, I am also dedicating time to complete my poetry revision and my personal art (which can be seen HERE on my Instagram account). Due to my current works, I will sadly be not able to post as much new poetry here until my updated collection is done for publication. How that should be completed by December at the latest. Meanwhile, I will still post regular posts here and on my Facebook and my Instagram pages. Feel free to check them out for more content!